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Button 24 March 2002
I'm now updating an iMac migration weblog.

Button 24 December 2001
A very merry Christmas to all of you. I've added our 2001 Christmas card and newsletter.

Button 19 September 2001
An entry into rec.arts.sf.fandom's Cute Wars. Jonathan's website has also been tidied up, though it's very out of date. And I got an e-mail from (I presume) a women's underwear fetishist, asking if my article about bras from Attitude was online anywhere. So, specially for him, here it is. I've also tidied up many other things around the site.

Button 9 October 2000
Photos of our trip to the Natural History Museum with Jo and Sasha Walton and Emmet O'Brien.

Button 31 August 2000
An update to the fanzine log.

Button 27 August 2000
First photos of Jonathan Andrew Cain on his homepage! And there's now a photo of all four of us on the family index page, too.

Button 17 August 2000
I've updated the fanzine log, for the first time in far too long. (and again on 22 August)

Button 6 July 2000
I've updated the fanzine log, including a photo of Meriol Ameringen, and finally put some links on the links page.

Button 20 June 2000
I've added some photos of my brother's wedding, and I've updated the fanzine log.

Button 1 June 2000
A substantial update to the fanzine log, Bridget Bradshaw's one-shot from <plokta.con>, and a page exhorting you all to buy No Moose Today, Thanks.

Button 23 May 2000
A review of Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City on the ezines page, and reviews of Arnie Katz' and Tom Springer's Baloney, and the souvenir programme from SMS & Eira Latham's wedding in the fanzine log.

Button 17 May 2000
I've updated the fanzine log and the web log.

Button 11 May 2000
I've added a second search box to the home page, this time as a way of recommending Google as the best way to do general web searches, whether on fannish or other topics. I've also added a Blogger weblog page, which I can update from anywhere I can get web access.

Button 10 May 2000
I've moved some photos off the old pages into the photo section here.

Button 9 May 2000
I've added a search box to the home page, courtesy of the nice people at Atomz.com, who provide their search engine free for sites smaller than Plokta. Thanks to Phil Bradley for the idea.

Button 8 May 2000
I've put up a version of my 1996 fanzine Trinketry. And about time too, you might think. You would be right.

Button 7 May 2000
The fanzine log is coming along nicely, and I've added a review page for e-zines. And I've put up a list of <plokta.con> members on the Plokta website.

Button 28 April 2000
The site is up, in a rather rudimentary form, and the various Fuggles pages have been moved over. The old website will no longer be updated.

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