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Welcome to Kittywompus, the home page of Alison Scott and Steven Cain. In addition to having our own separate identities, as celebrated here, we are also part of the Plokta cabal. The Plokta website is large and is updated frequently. It contains the full text of the fanzine Plokta, the Plokta News Network, and much else of interest to science fiction fans and others.

This Site
The primary aim of this site is to showcase those of our personal interests which aren't directly connected to Plokta. So you will find personal pages for us and our children, photos of our family and friends, fanzines and fanzine reviews and a carefully chosen selection of useful links.

So What's New?
The idea is that this page remains more or less constant, but that the What's New page is regularly updated, weblog style. So go and have a look there. Feedback on these pages is always welcome, particularly if you can't read them or there are broken links. You can also sign up for a weekly (or so) e-mail telling you what's changed.

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