First photos of Jonathan Cain

Here's a photo the midwife took of him with Steven and me when Jonathan was about half an hour old.

Jonathan with Mummy and Daddy

And here's one of me and Jonathan, which we took on 28 August after we'd all had a little sleep.

Jonathan and Mummy

Finally, here's a photo of Jonathan with his big sister Marianne. She's very pleased with him, despite the fact that she was hoping for a little sister. She remarked, philosophically, "But I don't get to choose, do I Mummy?"

Jonathan and Marianne

You can read his birth story; the abbreviated version of which is that the only slightly tricky thing was that the midwives didn't turn up until about 25 minutes before Jonathan was born, by which time I was distinctly agitated. Home births are brilliant, though, and I'd strongly recommend it. No mess, no hospital bureaucracy, and you get to fall asleep in your own bed if your baby lets you.

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Updated on February 11, 2001