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My name is Marianne Susan Cain and I live at my house which is here. I live in a town called Walthamstow. I have yellow hair and blue eyes. I like teddy bears. I am two but I will be three when my birthday. My birthday's in January but it is January now.

Me in my party dress and fairy wings and feather boa

This is a picture of me and my dad and my party dress. We were at my grandma and grandad's and it were Christmas. I went to sleep and it was presents on my bed in a stocking from Father Christmas.

My First Psion

A picture of me when I was a baby. I'm playing with my dad actually. That's a picture of my dad cos he's got watch.

You can see a picture of me at the New Year fireworks here .

Marianne with a lizard sticking out of her mouth

This is me with my lollipop. It was a lizard.

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