The Shopping Trolley of Lurve

All finished. You received this fanzine on editorial whim. If you'd like to see (or indeed, not to see) the next one, let me know. If you'd prefer an ASCII version by email, I can do this. No piccies or formatting, though, but some people are weird that way.

This fanzine was mostly produced to the strains of Silvertown by The Men They Couldn't Hang, Out in the Open, by Goats Don't Shave, and Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part by the Horselips. And nourished by Waitrose Chocolate Truffle ice cream, and Calpis (hot); which now, I realise, is costing me more per mug to drink at home than it cost in Waffles.

I was determined not to put in great wafting paragraphs about why I finally decided to do a fanzine after all these years. I'd always planned to do fanzines one day, when I had something to say; and suddenly I realised that I wasn't ever likely to have anything to say.

Trinketry is the result.

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