Koka2 The 2kon Newsletter Issue 5: Sunday Evening Really Important News To avoid dehydration during the Ceilidh, the Logie Baird bar is licensed until 3am. The other convention bars are licensed until 1am, but Central Hotel residents should still be able to purchase drinks in the Ailsa. —   Cuddles Reminders The newsletter office has no copying facilities. Central Hotel Breakfast will finish at 10am on Monday morning. Snack meals will close at 7:30pm today and run from 12 noon – 4pm Monday. Programme participants should still report to the Green Room 15 minutes before their programme items. Alison Scott is selling a collection of Sue Mason’s artwork and writing, in support of Sue’s TAFF campaign and to raise money for TAFF. £4 from Alison, in the bar or in room 234. The voodoo board is on the first floor landing. Leather Fetish #3 The nice ladies in the leather shop would like to thank the assembled masses of fen for buying so much that their boss gave them all a bonus yesterday due to the vast sales. They also thank the fans for being so polite, funny, patient and nice. The shop across the road (Leather 2000) is part of their chain, and we’re all welcome. Future conventions might like to note that if we come back to Glasgow, and ring them a couple of weeks before the con, they might be able to “arrange something”. —   Sue Mason & Gail Courtney Restaurant Review I was going to the State of the Universe panel, but no one was there, so I concluded the universe had come to an end and I should write a review of the last place I ate. This was the fish’n’chip shop opposite the hotel front door. I had been dreaming of a pakora supper all those months in the wilds of England, and my dreams came true: six large onion pakora, a large portion of chips, salt, vinegar and curry sauce, all for £2.75. My French companion called the pakora “greaseballs”, but I notice that she ate them. The Scots will eat any food from anywhere in the world so long as you can dip it in batter and deep fry it. If you can’t, we will anyway. —   Jane Carnall It has been rumoured that at the Scottish Slimmers Convention they eat deep-fried Granola bars instead of deep-fried Mars bars. —  Chris Bell Gratuitous Toucan Photo Blatant Abuse of Power #7 If anyone would like to share a taxi to Glasgow airport on Monday evening at 7:30pm (for a 9pm flight), see Mike Scott in the newsletter office. If anyone else would like to put a similar announcement in the Monday issue of Koka2, bring it along to the newsletter office in room 108. —   Mike Scott Fan History? A piece of fannish history will be up for grabs in the book auction —   A copy of an early draft of the script of Captain Tartan Saves the World —   Again!, containing lots of bits that didn’t make it to the stage, signed by Gerry Anderson and Ed Bishop. The lot will also contain a copy of the play on video and a programme booklet. All proceeds to the con charity. —   Mark Slater & David B Wake Blatant Plug #5 If Redemption 01 (Ashford, Kent, Feb 23-25 2001) is a Blake’s 7/Babylon 5 convention, why is one of their committee wandering round in a Klingon costume? Answers on the back of a Centauri to their desk in the Kintyre room, or to: www.smof.com/redemption/ Membership costs £40 attending. The guests are Gareth Thomas, Ron Thornton and Michael Sheard. Pre-Emptive Strike The Steven Erikson proof mentioned in issue 4 of Koka2 has been acquired by John Meaney, who made Rog Peyton an offer he couldn’t refuse.