Koka2 This special “No Room For A Colophon” issue was edited by Mike Scott assisted by Jan van’t Ent and Steve Davies Issue 2: Saturday Afternoon Green Room Could programme participants please come to the Green Room before their programme item so that we can keep the gophers well fed get drinks for them. Besides, we get lonely. —   The Green Room Team Snack Meals Profuse apologies for the confusion about snack meals. The demand for later snacks, as opposed to the carvery 2-for-1 deal, was higher than expected. New arrangements are: Snack Meals Sat: 1pm —   7pm (last orders 6:45pm) Sun: 1pm —   7:30pm Mon: 12 noon —   4pm Carvery The carvery evening deal will still be available from 6:30- 9:30pm in the restaurant, but the carvery lunch has been withdrawn to meet resource demands for snack meals. Once again, the committee apologise for any inconvenience and confusion on Friday evening. —   Cuddles Lost Property #1 To the person who removed my brand-new leather tankard of ale from the shelf where I left it: I am back now, and you can return it to me. Thanks for looking after it. —   Colin Fine Electrical Eggs Could the following Electrical Eggs members please collect new alert badges from room 103: q   Steve Davies q   Miche Kiessling q   Andrew Kirkland q   Pauline McKendrick q   James O’Dell  q   Stephen Rushe Lost Property #2 Urgent request from the hotel. Can they have their trolley back please? It was borrowed yesterday and was not returned. Leather Fetish Fandom expects every leather fetishist to do their duty. There is a leather shop closing today, virtually beneath the hotel (go out of the train station via escalator, the shop is under the railway bridge on Argyle Street). Leather skirts, coats, waistcoats, dresses, trousers —   nothing over £50, and perhaps even lower prices this afternoon. —   Gail Courtney For a Few Hobbits More Once upon a time in the Shire, the evil lord Sauron (or Soren in the local dialect) begat a son, who contrived an unparalleled rip-off of Morricone, Lucas, and Tolkien. Frodo disappeared by getting his hand toasted (had the toaster been PAT tested?). Gandalf the Grey (and later Off- White) was taken down in Moria by a balrog not falling for odd- numbered parlour tricks. But the Ent was really nice (so I have some interest there, all right?) And in the end the audience got to play the part of the most expensive prop of all: a flapping, screeching, fire- breathing Nazgul of immense proportion. —   Jan van’t Ent  Programme Update Update A time was left off the Saturday programme update. Behind the Scenes at Time Team and If I Ran The Zoo Con 2 are at 18:00, not 17:00 Film Extra The Resurrection Works, a ten minute promo for an original, fan produced independent film, will be showing prior to the film programme items in Arran at approx. 2:45pm today and 3:45pm Sunday. Anyone interested in independent film making and in helping to make a film may want to attend. —   Mark Slater Restaurant Guide Thai Royale, Argyle St (close to the Carrick Hotel) has a three course set menu at £10.95 pp with a good selection of dishes from 5:30pm-7pm. Food was delicious, and a treat for the eyes. I highly recommend the grilled pork ribs as a starter and the chicken satay as a main course. Dessert was a lovely vanilla ice cream. Recommended! —   Cristina Pulido Ulvang Under the hotel is a tapas bar called Havana, with a restaurant attached. The restaurant has been closed for refurbishment for ages, but just reopened yesterday. So nobody knows it’s open and it was empty. Food jolly nice, though. 3 tapas (from a short but reasonably interesting range) are £8.50; 12 tapas, some flat bread and olives fed four of us and a child comfortably. It’s open tonight (Saturday) but will be closed tomorrow and Monday. —   Alison Scott Blatant Plug #1 Come along and enter the Lexicon “Oxford and Angels” quiz —   see the Lexicon desk in the bar for details. Grand prizes, including lots of books by our GoH Philip Pullman. Also come along and collect PR1 and room booking forms —   and join the convention! 18-20 August 2000, Exeter College, Oxford. £28. —   Lexicon