Hot Ansible Action

An anagramatic one-shot for Reconvene, now re-appearing in a web edition. Original price £1, for fan funds -- so if you like this web page, give some money to a good fannish cause.

All-Female Weight-Lifting and Trapeze Team appears in Adelphi Lounge

VJ Bowen with Eira Latham on her shoulders Shy retiring Gail Courtney (19) upped the Fan Funds' ante by offering Vijay £20 to take off some of her clothes. Realising that her poker count was already down to two, Vijay was forced to change out of her elegant evening gown and into her leather bikini. Complete pandemonium ensued, as you can probably imagine. Various people paid good money for the scantily-clad TAFF delegate to pose in unlikely positions, and noted that voting with their gonads appeared to have paid off. She is pictured here along with Eira "light as a feather" Latham. "Fwhoarrr, let me get some photos" said SMS, busily seeking inspiration for next year's masquerade.

Tunnel of Love

Vijay demonstrates the new female contraceptive. She commented "It's not bad, other than the fact that it's not optimally comfortable and it makes ridiculous sounds."

VJ in a play tunnel
VJ Bowen carrying Jaine Weddell

A Transport of Delight

Jaine Weddell is picked up by Vijay while Gail Courtney gets her money's worth.

Square Bear's Guilty Secret

Square Bear wears his sexuality on his sleeve.

Three little maids are we

Hot Ansible Action Supports Steve Davies for GUFF

One Day in Teletubby Land, It was Tommy's Turn to Wear the Skirt

Tommy surrounded by the beautiful people

Get Yer Coat -- You've Pulled

One of the interesting pieces of TAFF paraphernalia at Reconvene was this stylish mini wrap skirt, modelled here by our very own Tommy Ferguson. Tommy was thoroughly delighted by the prospect of wearing the skirt. So much so, in fact, that he only agreed to put it on if we raised £50 for the United Fan Funds. Another £50 secured the fishnet stockings, and a final £50 enticed him into a variety of face-paint. Sadly, we couldn't track down a pair of size 9 stilettos. Tommy's stylish new look attracted the attention of many beautiful women and desperate men, as seen above. Martin Smith commented "It's the best offer I've had all night". "No it bloody isn't" said Tommy. Along with the shrapnel raised by Vijay's undies (see above) and from sales of this one-shot, we should have £300 from personal indignities to add to the money raised by the various auctions at Reconvene.

Vijay and Tommy: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Partitioned at Parturition

An anonymous GUFF administrator writes: "Don't you think, on the whole, that Separated at Birth has become a sad cliché of so-called humorous fanzines? By the way, I hope you'll agree that JN of Tottenham has much the better legs here."

I don't think much of yours, mate

GUFF Deadline Midnight Tonight

"Why am I not remotely surprised that you want to take a photo of me with Tommy?"asked Joseph. "I warn you, I never look good in photos." The chap in the skirt will be leaving mid-afternoon today, but you can still vote right up till midnight by giving your votes to Alison Scott, who will be ringing Joseph at 12:02am. This fanzine urges you to vote early, vote often, and vote for Steve Davies. If you find it difficult to get to the polling station, ring us and we'll come and give you a lift.

This has been Hot Lesbian Action, a production of the Reconvene Parental Babysitting Collective. In pivotal roles were Alison Scott (Butch), Steven Cain (Sundance), Steve Davies (for GUFF), Joseph Nicholas (totally impartial) Marianne Cain, Hal Payne and all the kids at the party (the Bolivian army). Thanks to Tommy Ferguson & Vijay Bowen for getting their kit off for TAFF, GUFF and the Foundation. Available for the unusual. If Steve wins GUFF, then you can expect his trip report to be full of the sort of superfluous technology used to produce this one-shot. Not to mention girls in their knickers. This fanzine has no connection whatsoever with Eva D. Fanglord's Lesbian™.

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